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BAFTAs and Twickers

Went to twickenham yesterday - what a great game!! England won by a HUGE

But now i'm watching the BAFTAs with Johnathon Woss

I still want and iPad or 11 inch Macbook or both and please visit www.techee.webs.com - no.1 for gadget reviews

Thanks and byeeeeee!!!

Two things...

I have decided today that I want to buy a Macbook!! No matter what I will get some sort of Mac laptop very soon!! Or at least that's what I want to think. Also thinking about doing a podcast for Techee not sure if it will work but looking at some podcasting kits and some are pretty cheap so looking into it.


Come on Glaws!

Glouceter won (again!!) today!! Come on Glaws!


Chris was completely hyper in DT but when he got a C2 in English that shut him up ... haha!!

I enjoyed school a bit today... and now i'm off to the doctors!!! :D

Ipad!! Not the gadget - the advert!!

Loving the ipad advert that tune is so catchy!! It has been video of the week on my website (search "techee webs" on google and its the top result) for about 8 weeks. Had a meeting with my websites team yesterday and when we played the video we danced like mad orang-utans. Im now tunring into one!! Obviously im joking.

Annoying Met Office

I always check the met office website for my local weather and you get the occasional sleet, rain, or (if your very lucky) a snow symbol and when the rain or sleet symbols show it always does rain or sleet and it makes a mess too. But when the snow symbol shows it doesnt - annoying?


Had an idea today for a new website but nothing confirmed yet so won't go into it too much. Been to a friends house and was supposed to be doing some RE homework but we ended up playing football at the park and did hardly any RE. typical.

Got to do a bit of IT which is due in on Tuesday other than that gonna sit, watch TV and check the Official Chart waiting for this weeks No.1!!

Gotta go now so bye! Oh!! Just remember another new episode of Top Gear on tonight!!


TV is a bit lame!!

Samoodle Blog

Im watching tv at the moment and to be honest it is fairly rubbish!
i'm watching The Magicians on BBC1 and its OK and then i'm going to watch Take Me Out later on but other than that it
is LAME!!!!

Tomorrow night my Mum is watching Dancing on Ice - how boring?. Then their is Wild at Heart which i used it like
but I don't really like it at all now. Which is a shame.